This essential FREE Checklist is for Homeowners Concerned About Condensation

“The 8 Signs You Have A Condensation Problem” 

This checklist helps you identify the signs of 

  • Condensation 
  • Black mould
  • And help you understand the next steps to remove this

This free checklist created by specialists shows you the eight most common areas to focus on to identify and address your condensation issues.

Condensation can be more than just water inside your window pane? 

  • Condensation is the most common form of damp
  • It can cause structural damage over time
  • Damage interior decoration 
  • Cause black mould to form which is potentially harnmful and can cause health issues

You could do nothing - and accept things will get better (and in truth they will probably get worse).  

This FREE Checklist will gide you all the way.